Phyllis Moore has been a newspaper reporter for years. But as a person, it's been all about writing.


Getting her thoughts down on paper. Being able to communicate as accurately and authentically as the dictionary would allow.

As a child, Phyllis kept a diary. When she got her first job out of college, she segued her way into writing a column. She likes to say she has taken the circuitous route in her career, as a writer, reporter and columnist, along with experience as a commercial actress and model, TV news commentator, radio co-host and magazine writer - but ultimately it was her dream to have her own column.

At the heart of all she does is her love of family and faith.

Phyllis is available for women's conferences, church events, retreats and workshops on a variety of subjects that include, but are not limited to, cancer, faith, healing and wholeness, marriage and self-esteem issues.


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